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            Service Department

The Patchwork Moose provides on-site machine maintenance and repair service with our certified and factory trained BERNINA technicians. None of us          like to be without our machine, but yearly service is a must to keep your investment running smoothly. Our technicians are available to service all                        BERNINA and bernette sewing machines, embroidery modules, and sergers.

Machine Service & Repair Price List

Full-Service COA – Clean, Oil & Adjust


BERNINA Current Model 8 Series                                                                                               $200

BERNINA Current Model 4/5/7 Series                                                                                        $180

BERNINA Current Model 3 Series                                                                                               $150

BERNINA All Other CB Hook & Rotary Hook                                                                             $150

BERNINA Serger/Overlocker                                                                                                        $170

BERNINA Air-Threaded Coverlocker (L890)                                                                               $200

BERNINA/bernette Embroidery Module                                                                                    $60

bernette Machines                                                                                                                        $150

bernette Serger/Overlocker                                                                                                         $150


Repairs & Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Service                                                                                                                          $60
*non-refundable – will be applied towards repair

Repairs and major adjustments will be billed at $80 per hour plus parts. Our technician will call for approval prior to proceeding with the repair.




We warranty our service for 30 days.

What to Bring

  •        Machine
  •        Power Cord
  •        Foot Control
  •        Bobbin & Bobbin Case
  •        #1 Foot (zigzag) and Regular Stitch Plate (zigzag)

General Care

  •      Please don’t sew over pins. The hook could be damaged if a needle breaks and causes a burr. In addition, broken needles tend to scatter and end up in places not easily seen.
  •      Take care to change your needle after 4-5 hours of sewing.
  •      Needles occasionally get jammed in the fabric. In the event of this happening, do not try to use the handwheel to loosen the needle. Instead, disconnect the needle from the needle bar.
  •      Never use canned air to clean lint or dust from your machine as this can blow debris/lint into areas that can only be removed by a technician. Also, canned air contains moisture which can cause harm to sensitive components. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and brush.
  •      Oil your machine regularly. A good rule of thumb is after every 2 bobbin changes. Brush out the lint prior to oiling and take care not to over-oil. One drop should be sufficient.
  •      ALL COMPUTERIZED MACHINES MUST HAVE SURGE PROTECTION! The recommendation is at least 1000 joules of protection.
  •      Make sure to have your machine professionally serviced each year. Proper maintenance is of utmost importance to keep your machine running smoothly.





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